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Fall Colors in Chicago and the Upper Midwest

October is a really beautiful time to experience the American Midwest. Temperatures are cool and pleasant and weather is generally good as the area transitions from summer to winter. Landscapes burst with color as trees shed their leaves in advance of the cold....

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Christmas in Belgium with a Holga

A crap camera that’s …true The leaves are falling with vigor and we are again rapidly approaching my favorite time of the year. After taking some time today to look through pictures from past Christmas markets, I found a few of last year’s...

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Exploring Iceland’s Ring Road Part 2: The Westfjords

Leaving Snæfellsnes “I could stay here,” I think. “I could live here.” But rarely do I contemplate the reality of such grand ideas because it’s always a one way road back to reality.     Instead I imagine, purely and without complication of critical thought....

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11 photo editing tips from Nepal

We were fully immersed in the experience from the moment we set foot in Nepal. Often mesmerizing, sometimes trying, there were days of walking Kathmandu’s dusty, crowded streets, trying not to get hit by a car before we could get our paperwork sorted. Then...

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