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Emotive Travel Photography

There are really two kinds of travel pictures. The first are the quick snaps which don’t require much thought or planning. These pictures make up the vast majority of travel photographs, yet they do little more than prove that we were in a place....

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Switching from Canon to Nikon

When you buy a DSLR you aren’t just buying a camera. You’re buying into a camera system full of lenses, flashes, batteries, and accessories. It’s a costly investment for sure. The camera is only the tip of the financial iceberg.   I started my...

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Photographing Iceland in Winter

For once I might have gone somewhere warm and tropical this winter. I had my eye on Lake Toba in Indonesia, which for some reason has fallen out of the travelers’ eye in recent years. It’d have been perfect for me, I think. I...

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Is this the most beautiful waterfall on Earth?

Despite its namesake, Iceland doesn’t get all that cold even in the dead of winter. Temperatures hover just below freezing throughout the season, and the water flowing through Godafoss never has the chance to freeze over. Instead a multitude of icicles are formed by way of...

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