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Scenes from Goslar, Germany at Christmas

Over the last year of staying in the USA I’ve tried to make the most of my time at home, but “the itch” for travel never went away. I wish I could say exploring Christmas markets in Goslar, Germany for a few days was enough to...

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Travel vs. Wedding photography

I shot my first wedding this month. Admittedly I was a bit apprehensive beforehand: these would be memories the couple will share together with their friends and families for the rest of their lives. More than cell phone snaps and Instagrams, I...

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Exploring Iceland’s Ring Road: The North

A most moderate pace   Speeding is a terribly bad idea in Iceland. There are the safety implications of course, but more immediately concerning is the near certainty of receiving a ticket. Paid on the spot and starting at hundreds of dollars,...

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Fall Colors in Chicago and the Upper Midwest

October is a really beautiful time to experience the American Midwest. Temperatures are cool and pleasant and weather is generally good as the area transitions from summer to winter. Landscapes burst with color as trees shed their leaves in advance of the cold....

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