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Hi, I’m Ed and it’s great to have you here.

This site began in July of 2012 with two goals: simplifying photography so travelers everywhere can take home the memories they deserve, and inspiring people to take their travels further.

Travel humbles me and it makes me feel alive. I enjoy vising uncommon, off the beaten path destinations. I take lots of pictures, and I share those pictures and stories here at The Polar Route.


This is my favorite travel post:

The Traveler’s Spirit


Here’s my favorite photography how-to post:

Finding Unique Ways to Photograph Common Things


This is why you don’t need to spend a lot of money to take great pictures:

Why You Don’t Need a Great Camera to Take Great Pictures


Here is my “Best Of” Destination Gallery, featuring photos from China, Iceland, India, Mongolia, Russia, and more:

The Polar Route’s Best Of Gallery

And for more than a year, I featured
a photo each day from somewhere in the world:

The Polar Route’s Collection of Daily Photos from Around the World


A Focus on Quality over Quantity

This site is a product of passion, and I try to maintain high standards of journalistic and photographic quality. Like my unconventional travels to Siberia, Mongolia and more, you’ll find this website isn’t exactly conventional, either. You won’t see 3x weekly, hastily written posts just for the sake of an update. I might only post to this site once a month or less, but suffice to say that I am always thinking about new ways to share quality photography and travel experiences with you.

A long term goal of mine is to release a book on travel photography. With 65+ pages of no BS, straightforward photographic tips and tricks finished already, it’s well under way.


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