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Hi, I’m Ed and it’s great to have you here at The Polar Route.

Travel humbles me and it makes me feel alive. I enjoy vising uncommon, off the beaten path destinations. I take lots of pictures, and I share those pictures and stories here at The Polar Route.

This site began in July of 2012 with two goals: simplifying photography so travelers everywhere can take home the memories they deserve, and inspiring people to take their travels further.


This is my favorite travel post:

The Traveler’s Spirit


Here’s my favorite photography how-to post:

Finding Unique Ways to Photograph Common Things


Here are my Destination Galleries, featured photo sets from China, Iceland, India, Mongolia, and Russia:

The Polar Route’s Collection of Destination Galleries


And I frequently post featured photos from somewhere in the world:

The Polar Route’s Collection of Daily Photos from Around the World


Self Portrait

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